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Your website is always working for you: 24/7/365. It should be performing and promoting your business as well as you do! If you can’t say “Absolutely it is!” then you need to contact us!


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Web Design – Internet Marketing – Development

Your website can improve your advertising efforts, extend your local reach, and create an easier way for your customers to access you and your services. Professionally promoting your business can mean the difference between you and your competition.

Website Development

Let’s start with talking about your project, what are you goals for the website? What does it need to do for your business? It’s always best to start at the beginning.
What can we do for you?


Do you currently have a shopping site or is this a new project? How many products do you have? Setting up and meeting the expectations for your customers is one of the many ways we look at the overall project.

Digital Advertising

Start with your budget and work out from there. What results are your current marketing efforts producing? How much business can you logistically handle and how much more would you like?

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Trust is hard-earned, with over 9 years in the industry, we believe in providing exceptional value in all areas of digital marketing.

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How Is Salterra Web Design Different

When business owners are serious about their brand, they choose Salterra Web Design.


Experience, knowledge, and expertise gained from the variety and complexity of projects that we have developed. Small, medium, or large we are confident in what we can do.


Our design and development team are available to discuss your project at any point in the process. We believe in keeping you informed and everything on track!


Our team has diverse experience in multiple coding languages, design, graphics, and platform development bringing a cohesive blend of talent and skill to your project.


We don’t stop looking for more – we believe if you can dream it, we can do it. Our adaptability has served us well. We believe in a positive environment not only for our employees but for your clients as well.

What Skills Does A Web Designer Need?

  What Skills Does A Great Web Designer Need? A web designer needs creative skills and a strong understanding of how to use the internet. They need to be able to design a website that looks professional and is easy to navigate. Web designers also need an understanding of algorithms, boring technical terms, and coding languages. What Soft Skills Are Needed To Be A Web [...]

What Are The 3 Types Of Web Design?

  What Are The 3 Most Popular Types Of Web Design? There are three main types of web design: static, dynamic, and hybrid. Static web design is where the whole website is designed in one go, without any interactivity or changes; dynamic web design involves making changes to the website as users browse it, usually using scripts or buttons; and hybrid designs take elements from [...]

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